Information about Harbours, are issued each year by the Harbour Masters, not just for commercial shipping but also for leisure craft


Notice To Mariners No 2

Standard Operating Procedures and Tidal Range.

Notice To Mariners No 3

Fairway Priorities

Notice To Mariners No 4

VHF Radio Reporting and Sound Signals

Notice to Mariners No 5

Small Craft – Various regulations and restrictions


Notice to Mariners No 6

Racing and Training in the Harbour and Launching from Slipways

Notice to Mariners No 7

Novel Coronavirus (2019-NCOV) – Maritime Declarations of Health

Notice To Mariners No 8

Use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) DRONES

Notice to Mariners No 9

Passenger Ship Tendering Operations

Notice to Mariners No 10

Safety Patrol Boat