We are very fortunate to have our Powerboat school situated in Dun Laoghaire Harbour with its large area of sheltered water which is ideal for year round boat training. It is the perfect location to carry out the many scenarios that are required in powerboat training such as moorings, pontoons, fairways, slipways, commercial and leisure traffic, etc.

If you have a little experience, our National Powerboat Certificate (driving licence) will give you the basic skills. You start your training in a small 3.6 metre RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat) and then progress up to a 5.85 metre RIB. This allows you to be certified for both tiller and console type boats. If you are experienced and require the Certificate, a direct assessment is also available.

ISA Training Centre
Groups of 3 well discounted
Rental Boat will be back on the water mid May
Dun Laoghaire Powerboat School
Sat and Sunday ------- 4 / 5 April------- Sat and Sunday 18 / 19 April ------ to book places apply at the end of this page
Frequently Asked Questions

What you will need?
We have waterproof jackets, chest-high leggings and personal floatation devices. All you need to have is some warm clothes and footwear that can take a splash.

Are there age restrictions?
Under Irish law there are age restrictions for anyone using a powerboat.
Anyone under 12 years of age cannot use a powerboat with an engine greater than 4 hp.
Anyone under 16 years of age cannot use a powerboat that exceeds 17 knots.
Anyone over 16 years of age is free from age restrictions.

Under Irish law Life Jackets are compulsory for all users on board vessels under 7 meters.

Can I use my own boat?
Yes. Provided the basic boat kit required is on board and your boat has third party insurance. Most clients like to start in the school boats and switch to there own boat during the course this gives an opportunity for training in tiller and console boats.

Just a 2 minutes walk away is the Purty Kitchen restaurant, sandwich bar and the local garage.

Parking in the harbour?
Parking outside is controlled by Dun Laoghaire Harbour Company as 2 per hour , parking behind the building in the public carpark is just 3.60 for the full day and free at weekends.

Level 1 Powerboat Crew Certificate Level 1 Powerboat Crew Certificate
Level 1 & 2 National Powerboat Certificate Level 1 & 2 National Powerboat Certificate
Safety Boat Certificate Safety Boat Certificate
Advanced Powerboat Certificate Advanced Powerboat Certificate
Rib Rental Rib Rental
Sports Boat Certificate Sports Boat Certificate
VHF Radio Certificate VHF Radio Certificate
Navigation Certificate Navigation Certificate
Commercial Endorsement Commercial Endorsement
International Certificate of Competency International Certificate of Competency
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Frequently Asked Questions
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