Terms & Conditions

Your Health
Participating on our training courses, your health and fitness must be considered by you and or your doctor if needed. While powerboating you will experience sudden speed change, boat bouncing pounding down on waves. If you suffer from asthma, diabetes, giddy spells, angina or any other heart conditions, back complaints or are otherwise unwell or pregnant or any medical condition you should consult your doctor before participating any further with this course and be prepared to produce a note from your doctor if required.

Age Restrictions
You must be 16 or over for our training on occasion we can put on courses for younger age group but very restricted. Under Irish law there are age restrictions for anyone using a powerboat. Anyone under 12 years of age cannot use a powerboat with an engine greater than 4hp. Anyone under 16 years of age cannot use a powerboat that exceeds 17 knots. Anyone over 16 years of age is free from age restrictions.

Life Jackets
We supply you with a life jacket for the training course that must be worn. Under Irish law Life Jackets are compulsory for all users on board vessels under 7 meters.

Dun Laoghaire Harbour with its large area of sheltered water which is ideal for year-round boat training and this allows for training in protected areas but on rare occasions we might be forced to cancel a course and reschedule.

Cancellation Policy
Please note cancellation charges
1. Up to 2 weeks before the course a full refund deducting an admin fee of €50 per person.
2. The 7 days before the course a full refund deducting admin fee of €100 per person.
3. No show no refund.  If the School has to cancel the course a full refund and of course no admin fee.