Work Boats

  • Safety Boat Work
  • Film Work
  • Water Sampling
  • Inspections / Survey Boats
  • Passenger Transfer/Trips

Safety Boat Work: If your building work is on or around water! A manned static safety Boat on duty is what is required we have done a lot of safety boat work in Dun Laoghaire Harbour and Dublin Port and at times very small craft on inland rivers.

Film Work: Our 6.5 meter RIB can be fitted out to suit your combination more seats or more deck space , this is a licenced passenger vessel that we can adjust for 4 / 6 persons or more deck space.

Water Sampling: We provide the water sampling transport for many authorities and commercial data collection agencies in Dublin Bay and as far north as Skerries and Southerly towards Wicklow.

Inspections/Survey Boats: We provide transport for engineers for pier or coastal inspection and annual data surveys.

Passenger Transfers/Trips: Passenger transfer to boats in harbour or at anchorage.